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 It's not about the services I provide, but rather about the issues businesses want addressing

Although the issues I help tackle are varied, those that I encounter regularly include …
  • Desire to expand the business but no strategy in place to do so
  • Highly successful operational activity taking place but no general direction in the business and a feeling there could be wasted effort
  • Capital development about to take place but no strategy to ensure new opportunities are maximised
  • Proposed investment needed for growth but no strategic plan to create a compelling case to investors
  • Proposed investment needed but no idea where to get it from
  • Strong IP but a need for a commercialisation strategy
  • Documentation and further development of a baseline vision/ambition
  • Geographical expansion strategy needed to address new markets
  • Need for connections to a wider and/or more relevant network and development of strategic partnerships
  • Simply a set of fresh 3rd party eyes cast on proposed activities


If any of these seem familiar, or indeed you have any other issues you think are holding back growth in your business, then do please get in touch, I'm there to help. 


Also, I like to do things differently

There's never a long-winded document produced, the sort that can be used for treating insomnia, but there is a vibrant colourful use of business models of all shapes and sizes that stimulate debate, and often open up completely new perspectives on how growth can be achieved.

For me a signal of success is when a business owner or manager says "I never thought of doing that" or "that's a new approach we could adopt".


Collaborative, Imaginative and Engaging

One thing is for sure there most definitely isn't a one-size-fits all for the services I provide, it's unique, collaborative, imaginative and (I hope) highly engaging for all concerned, and that includes me!